How do choose the best home security package for your Alabama home?

July 27th, 2015 | by Noel Pittman | in Security Advice News and Blog Articles

With so many Companies offering "Free" alarm systems - how do you make the right choice for your Alabama family and home?

This is a question we're hearing everyday. We know you have been inundated with calls, flyers, ads and offers of "free" But we also know that protecting you family and you home is a serious decision so just how do you choose?

  • Well, first off - choose a local company who are home security and home automation specialists. Calling an out-of-state outfit who send a contractor in his van isn't always the best deal! You know what we mean - you've seen it. When you have someone in your home - you want to be able to know they're trustworthy.
  • How do these folks know what you actually need? It's not a one size fits all special. Wouldn't it be better to have a trained professional, come visit you at your home, listen to your needs and future needs and offer a package that will be good for you you today and in the future?
  • Make sure you have a system that's smart. Today. you can make sure the garage door is closed, your thermostat is turned up or down without even thinking about it. How about being able to see when someone is at your front door when you're not even at home or seeing your kids arrive safely home from school while you're still at the office? These are features that are keeping Alabama families safe right now.
  • How about monitoring? A noisy alarm that goes off but no one attends to it as your neighbours are out as well isn't good enough! You need a good remote monitoring package 24/7 that can call you right away, and, if there is a break-in or fire, can call the emergency services immediately for you.
  • What if there is a big power outage or the cable goes down? You can get systems now that are cellular wireless with awesome battery backups.
  • What do other people say about the company and their systems - check out their Facebook Page and Website - you'll soon be able to see who cares about your local community and safety.

There's lot's of decisions to be made isn't there? Perhaps free isn't alway best or even free at the end of the day!

We hope this has given you a few thoughts to help you make up your mind.

We've been protecting families just like yours here in Alabama since 2001 - our advice and home security audits are always free of charge. it would be our honour to have you join the thousands of very satisfied customers to have Provision Home protect them.

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